Report the individuals among turtles based on their who numbers and breed.

turtle(turtles, who, breed)

# S4 method for agentMatrix,numeric,missing
turtle(turtles, who)

# S4 method for agentMatrix,numeric,character
turtle(turtles, who, breed)



AgentMatrix object representing the moving agents.


Integer. Vector of the who numbers for the selected turtles.


Characters. Vector of breed names for the selected turtles. If missing, there is no distinction based upon breed.


AgentMatrix of the selected turtles sorted in the order of the who numbers requested. If breed was provided, the turtles selected are of one of the breed.


If no turtle matches the given who numbers, with potentially one of the given breed, inside turtles, then an empty agentMatrix is returned.

If there are duplicates who numbers among the turtles, the first matching turtle with the requested who number is returned.


Wilensky, U. 1999. NetLogo. Center for Connected Learning and Computer-Based Modeling, Northwestern University. Evanston, IL.

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Sarah Bauduin


w1 <- createWorld(minPxcor = 0, maxPxcor = 9, minPycor = 0, maxPycor = 9) t1 <- createTurtles(n = 10, coords = randomXYcor(w1, n = 10)) t2 <- turtle(t1, who = 2)