Create new turtles from parent turtles.

hatch(turtles, who, n, breed)

# S4 method for agentMatrix,numeric,numeric
hatch(turtles, who, n, breed)



AgentMatrix object representing the moving agents.


Integer. Vector of the who numbers for the selected turtles.


Integer. Vector of length 1 or of length who. Number of new turtles to create for each parent.


Character. One breed name. If missing, the created turtles are of the same breed as their parent turtle.


AgentMatrix representing the turtles with the new hatched ones.


The parent turtle must be contained in the turtles.

The created turtles inherit of all the data from the parent turtle, except for the breed if specified otherwise, and for the who numbers. The who" numbers of the turtles created take on following the highest who number among the turtles.

All new hatched turtles are placed at the end of the agentMatrix object.


Wilensky, U. 1999. NetLogo. Center for Connected Learning and Computer-Based Modeling, Northwestern University. Evanston, IL.

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w1 <- createWorld(minPxcor = 0, maxPxcor = 4, minPycor = 0, maxPycor = 4) t1 <- createTurtles(n = 10, world = w1) NLcount(t1)
#> [1] 10
t1 <- hatch(turtles = t1, who = 0, n = 2) NLcount(t1)
#> [1] 12